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Anti-Bullying Programs in Schools

Our anti-bullying programs for schools help build awareness of bullying  Available for primary, elementary and middle schools.

anti bullying programs By Perfection on Wheels BMX Stunt TeamOur Anti bullying program assembly can help fight bullying in your schools.

Bullying consists of ongoing threats, physical attacks, words, gestures, or social exclusion directed at a student or students by a student or group of students who are older, bigger, or more powerful.

When Perfection on Wheels performs its anti bullying programs in schools, Students Listen!

Our message relayed during the anti bullying program will help students understand the tragic effects that can come from bullying. The assembly program messages are delivered during a 40 minute presentation filled with excitement. The BMX extreme sports athletes create an X games like thrill show with exciting tricks like back flips, 360′s, and tailwhips.

Clearly bullying is a problem, and we can help!

We aim to create awareness and help prevent bullying. We also try to keep our riders informed and up to date on the ways students are being bullied. Our anti bullying program for schools delivers a great message that can include other issues or topics your school would like to address.

Perfection on Wheels strives to provide quality programs

Perfection on Wheels BMX Stunt Show strives to deliver positive messages through our team of skilled and dedicated pro bike riders. We enforce positive morals and increasing self confidence. We drive home the idea that finding something you love to do and focusing on it is  personally rewarding. 

Bullying areas to address:

  • Cyber Bullying through social media
  • Spreading lies and rumors
  • Bullying via instant messages on cell phones
  • Playground Bullying
  • Posting pictures of victims without their consent
  • Helping bullies understand, and consider the potential consequences

Our Anti-Bullying Program is well received everywhere we go.

Perfection on Wheels riders have been written up in newspapers  and have appeared in news broadcasts . They Promote “Making Healthy Choices” and demonstrating that a healthy mind and body can help you achieve great things! During the Anti-bullying assembly, the BMX stunt riders demonstrate that any negative behavior, whether it’s using drugs or bullying, can jeopardize the focus necessary to achieve personal success . Education, character, and self esteem also play a big part in what we do.